At Al-Quds Public Library:

  • Circulation desk : this service includes the lending of books to the library users from the local community and the university community. The circulation desk staff supervises the library and does the shelfreading.

  • Reference desk : library staff provides reference and research help to the general public. This includes assisting students in finding suitable sources for papers and presentations.

  • Library software (program) :  it provides users with bibliographic information about all books available in the library. When the required information is found,the library user checks it and jots down the book’s call number and its location on the library shelves in order to review it or borrow it.

  • Photocopying service : the library provides photocopying service for documents and library material especially books in return for a fixed fee (to be determined later on ) for each copy.

  • Library of congress classification system :Al-Quds Public Library uses an international classification system to classify its books. It uses call numbers for books according to library of congress classification system. This system uses a combination of letters and numbers to indicate the different topics of human knowledge.