How to subscribe : borrowing policies & procedures

  • The residents of Al-Quds (city of Jerusalem) are entitled to benefit from library services and may fill for a borrower’s application in person at the library circulation desk.
  • Each patron should pay a deposit of 250 NIS which is refundable at the end of the one year subscription period which is renewable.
  • Each patron should pay the amount of 100 NIS for annual subscription which is not refundable. 
  • Each patron should apply for a borrower’s card at the circulation desk which is   for one year starting from the date of his subscription. 
  • Each patron should abide to the instructions and regulations of the circulation policy of Al-Quds university public library.

Fines – for overdue books

  • overdue books between two weeks to one month are charged 20 NIS for each Book.
  • overdue books above one month are charged 50 NIS for each book.

General remarks

  • Each patron requesting to borrow books should submit a valid library  membership card at the circulation desk.
  • Al-Quds university library  borrowing policy is applicable to Al-Quds university students when borrowing books from Al-Quds university public library.
  • Borrowers who are not  from  Al-Quds university community, they are allowed to borrow up to two books for two weeks with 1 renewal for another two weeks.